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Common prescribing errors in hospitals include omission of medi- cines especially failure to prescribe regular medicines at the point of admission or discharge, i.Information is more widely distributed and through […]

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Treatment options include systemic steroids, sulphasala- zine, immunosuppressive agents and colectomy.Constipation is a common finding and may be due to autonomic involvement.The problem usually resolves as the kidney becomes pro- […]

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The inferior plane, less extensive than the preceding, offers : 1.Salmonella typhi is an exception as it is not zoonotic an infectious disease of 58 CHAPTER 9.During this stage, small […]

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In training the muscles for effective action, it is very important that correct movements be adopted at the commencement.The endoplasm contains nucleus, food vacuoles, erythrocytes, occasionally leucocytes, and tissue debris.To […]

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Higher concentrations of COHb are associated with coma, convulsions and cardiorespiratory arrest.The anthers themselves have either two or three lobes, each lobe opening by an apical slit.Disability is defined as […]

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CHG remains significantly effective in the presence of organic material, including blood.If anemia develops slowly, low oxygen carrying capacity may be compensated by a higher cardiac output due to the […]